Alma Macbride, 24, is a filmmaker, photographer, musician, and composer based in Melbourne, VIC. A recent graduate from Harvard University, she has studied and collaborated with a wide variety of directors, including Guy Maddin and Robb Moss. Following university, she worked as an Associate Producer at Northern Light Productions, a graphic designer and researcher for Oscar-nominated filmmaker Steven Ascher, and a freelance production assistant in the Greater Boston Area. Focusing on both nonfiction and fiction filmmaking, she is interested in exploring themes of family, memory, and artistic communication. 

Alma also has an extensive musical background. She learned to play piano at age 4 and picked up jazz piano at age 8. She has since composed several compositions and has won an ASCAP Award and full scholarships to Grammy Camp and the Skidmore Jazz Institute. She has performed with numerous artists including Wynton Marsalis, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and Jimmy Greene.